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for visiting my website and having a look at some of the stuff I’ve done.

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to everyone I’ve worked with and who has helped me do the stuff I’ve done. Whenever I’ve done anything good, it has been because others were great.

Thank you
to this sometimes frustrating, often bewildering but constantly fascinating industry which has kept me occupied for longer than I care to admit.

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Patrick Collister – who he?

You’ve heard of the Maasai and the Iceni?
I belong to another tribe, the Wheni.
When I was the ECD and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy….
When I was at Google…
It’s a way of saying I’ve been around a while.

My CV is here

In short, I’ve worked in ad agencies, in direct marketing shops and in tech companies.
As both a copywriter and a creative director I’ve won many pieces of twisted metal but am quite proud of my Cannes Golds, Silvers and Bronzes.
I founded Directory Magazine, RIP, and own The Caples Awards.
I was Dean of the Start Up Academy at Cannes Lions, have been a regular speaker there and at conferences and festivals elsewhere, and am a Fellow of the IPA.



Caples call for entries 2020

Caples call for entries 2021



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Topics include:

The New Rules of Communication – advertising in a time of change
Permission Denied – how to get through to Gen Z
Digital Milk – ‘Accrington Stanley’ reimagined
Building Windmills – Learning to embrace disription
The Old Rocker’s Guide to Marketing – how the music industry adapted to digital
Return on Idea – the effect of creativity in commerce
Seriously Though – why humour sells
The Enduring Power of Print
Not Another Bloody Talk About Creativity



The Business of Ideas – 7 tools to help you develop effective advertising.
Better Briefing – Put rubbish in, get rubbish out. The opposite is also true.
Assessing Creative Ideas – How to keep ideas alive so they can be improved.
Presentation Skills – Presenting ideas is different to other presentations.
Creative Leadership – How to be a Creative Director.
Writing for Advertising – The copywriter’s toolbox.
Better Together – Client and agency working as one team.

All workshops are bespoke, created to meet your specific needs.

Agencies I’ve worked with recently: AMV BBDO, Dinosaur, Ear to the Ground, Impero, Kindred, Ogilvy Vietnam, Talon, Wunderman Thompson.
Brands I’ve worked with: British Airways, LEGO, Newell Brands, Tesco, TSB, Unilever, Vinted, Waitrose
Organisations I’ve worked with: 4As Malaysia, AIA, IPA, IAPI, ISBA, networkone

The Caples Awards

The Caples Awards were founded in 1978 by BBDO copywriter Andi Emerson and named after legendary adman, John Caples.
Originally intended to reward creativity in Direct Marketing, The Caples now has a broader congregation, attracting nearly 2,000 entries a year.

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